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Jeri Ledbetter
2830 W. Forest Hills Dr.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Newcomer Category
Jackson Hole Wildlife
Film Festival 2005

Best Human
Interest Film
Flagstaff Mountain
Film Festival 2005

Official Selection
Mountain Film
Telluride 2005

In order to produce a film about sloths, Jeri Ledbetter spent the past several years learning the ways of the sloth. She studied and filmed extensively at the Aviarios Sloth Rescue Center in Costa Rica, as well as in the wild rainforests of Costa Rica and Panama. "There is very little information available about sloths," she says. "And much of what has been printed is incorrect."

Early in 2005 Jeri and photographer Bill Hatcher received a grant from the National Geographic Expedition Council to film a species of sloth that was just described in 2001. The three-toed pygmy sloth is found only on a tiny remote island off the coast of Panama. During the expedition she captured some priceless footage of a pygmy sloth entering the water and swimming with surprising grace and poise. This behavior had been theorized by scientists but never previously documented.

Hanging with the Sloth is a delightful, slow-motion romp with the world's most charming mammal. Slow of movement and fond of sleep, this animal has long been considered dim-witted, primitive and noteworthy only in that it survived at all. It didn't help to be named for one of the Seven Deadly Sins. This engaging documentary, filmed in Costa Rica and Panama, dispels that image and introduces you to a unique, intriguing and extraordinary animal. Prepare to fall in love.

“Taking a playful approach,
the film rescues the image
of sloths from the realm of
the deadly sins. The
meditative calmness of
these fine animals comes
as the perfect antidote to
a bleak day.”

Scott Thybony, Writer

“Jeri has opened a
fascinating window onto a
creature we all know of,
but know practcally
nothing about.”

Ed George, Filmmaker

"If you want to learn
about sloths in an
entertaining, engaging,
sometimes humorous,
yet informative way;
this is the film for you.
I loved it! And especially
the lovable sloths, whose
gentle nature has so
much to teach us about
our frenetic world."

John Howe,

“The sloth may be the most
endearing mammal on the
planet, and "Hardly a Deadly
Sin" brings them out of
the jungle and into your
heart, with laughter.”

Brad Dimock, Writer

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